Scovel Hopes Day One Back with Gulf Coast is First of Many

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Panama City, FL---The first day on the job for any coach is always full of nerves, excitement, and anticipation, apparently, even for Hall of Fame legends returning to the place where their name is on the court.

That's what interim Gulf Coast Women's basketball coach Roonie Scovel says she's feeling as she begins her second tenure with the Lady Commodores.

After former head coach Vernette Skeete left for an assistant's position at Marquette, athletic director Gregg Wolfe brought in Scoval on a temporary basis for now, but the Gulf Coast campus is happy to have the leader that brought incredible success to their program back.

"Well, I just started this morning at 9 AM and everyone's been great on campus," said Scovel A lot of hugs and a lot of embraces and we just have to hit the ground running and we have to go to work. We have been working extremely hard all day and got a lot of work to do, a lot of work ahead of us. But, you know, it's really exciting to be back. It's so exciting to be back with the Gulf Coast people."

After redecorating Harrison Fieldhouse with countless banners for conference, state, and even national titles, Scovel stepped away from the sidelines seemingly for good in 2012, saying it was the right time to leave. Two years later, she's back, and while only for a temporary basis for now, she herself is committed to leading the program for the long run.

"I'm sure that as I hit this ground running that hopefully it won't just be for a temporary period of time. Hopefully it'll turn into something permanent. But that's not a decision that I get to make. So we'll see. I gotta work hard and see if they'll want me back. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and thought 'I can't get in there until 7:00, nobody's gonna be there' and sat up and started writing notes so yeah, I'm ready. I'm excited."

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