Scovel Still "Interim" Coach at Gulf Coast

Panama City, FL---Is she interim, or isn't she? That question a bit confusing at Gulf Coast in terms of the status of women's basketblal coach Roonie Scovel.

Based on information we received late last week from Gulf Coast Athletic Director Greg Wolfe, we reported Monday at 6 the college was removing the "interim" label in front of her head coaching title.

Monday night Chris Tomes, Gulf Coast's Marketing and Communications Director told us that information from the A.D. was premature.

Thomes says Roonie is in fact still considered "interim" head coach, and any plans to change that are up in the air.

Thomes says the administration at the college does not have a date as to when Scovel's status might change. So again, until further notice, Scovel is "interim" coach.

Coach Scovel did tell us her she's happy to be back in the gym working with the young ladies in the program, and her batteries were recharged, in a manner of speaking.

"The coaching part of it, I don't know if that was ever the thing that lost the charge." Scovel told me. "Maybe a little bit. It was all the things that was taking my personal time, and I needed some personal time to do some other things, and some family responsibilities. And I was really tired, I was really fatigued. things were really kind of piling up on me. I needed some time. It was good. Yeah, I guess to answer your question, yes my battery has been recharged in a lot of different ways, and this is fun to get back to the court and work with these young ladies."

Roonie came back to Gulf Coast June 2nd, to help fill the void left when Vernette Skeete left to take an assistant coaching job at Marquette.