Scovel Working To Familiarize Herself With New Players

Panama City, FL---Roonie Scovel is diving back into work in the gym, and getting to know her new players.

As you may know, Coach Scovel is back with the Gulf Coast women's basketball program, on an interim basis, for now, guiding
the program in the wake of Vernette Skeete's departure.

Coach Skeete, after two years at Gulf Coast, moving up to the Big East, and an assistant's job with Marquette.

Coach Scovel now working during the summer with 3 returning players, and 7 of the ten newly recruited players

First on the list of priorities these days during summer, coach and players simply getting familiar with each other.

"We're getting to know each other." coach Scovel told us Wednesday afternoon after a workout with the girls. "You know they didn't recruit me and I didn't recruit them. I think, I've really enjoyed what we've done so far. It's only been a couple of weeks. And their effort is good, their attitude is good, they're buying in. And like I say, they all didn't buy in for this and I think they've adjusted extremely well for what was kind of thrown at them three weeks ago."

Coach Scovel tells us she has one more scholarship to give, and for now, she's holding off on filling it.