Seminoles Back on the Practice Field Wednesday

Tallahassee, FL---The Florida State football team is back to work!

After the better part of a week and a half to celebrate the ACC title, get through finals, and for Jameis and a few others, time to travel to rack
up some awards, the Seminoles hit the practice field Wednesday.

The first couple of days back likely to be not that intense, as the coaches continue to work on the game plan for Auburn, and slowly work that game plan into their practice sessions.

Certainly just getting back to work on the field some sort of relief for Jameis and Jimbo, who spent much of last week traveling to award shows and banquets.

Fisher also getting in some recruiting as well. There were some rumors about eligibility issues surrounding Kelvin Benjamin, Mario Edwards and Mario Pender. Those first two were suited up and practicing Wednesday, Pender was not.

Jimbo says they need to go back and check the rules before allowing him back out, so that's a potential issue, though Fisher did not appear too concerned about that.

As for the first day back overall, coach Fisher had this to say afterwards. “I really liked the day. I thought they competed well in practice. It took us awhile to get going again, they’ve been off for a little while, but they competed well. The timing and things were a little off in the beginning, but just got better. They kept competing and getting it back – throwing, catching, tackling, covering, kicking, everything. Good solid first day. We’re going back to fundamentals like we do in camp in August. We’ll have five of those practices, we’re going to get fundamentally sound again. Make sure we dot I’s, cross T’s, tackle properly, block properly, run good routes, throw the ball where it’s supposed to be, cover with the right techniques – these are great fundamental practices with a little bit of installation. (I’m) very proud of the way they did today. (It was) a very good physical one for the first one back. We’ll increase them more in the next couple and hopefully get five really good days of work.”