Seminoles Head South

Fort Lauderdale, FL---The two teams taking part in the Orange Bowl game are now in South Florida. Both FSU and Northern Illinois heading south Wednesday in advance of their Tuesday BCS bowl game.

Coach Fisher and his troops all heading to south Florida today. Many of the coaches and players departing from Tally, though other players traveling from their respective homes where they spent Christmas.

The coach not wanting to make all his players return to Tallahassee, especially the players who live in parts of Florida already closer to Fort Lauderdale.

The Seminoles will practice at Nova Southeastern University Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

NIU giving away most of it's game tickets. Florida State and for that matter, Florida with all kinds of trouble selling their ticket allotments for their respective games.

FSU still with around half it's 17,500 tickets which they're obligated to pay the Orange Bowl for, whether they're sold or not. Florida with about 7 thousand Sugar Bowl tickets still on it's hands.