Seventh Grader Lifting in the High School State Finals

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Sand Hills, FL---In prep weightlifting Saturday in Kissimmee the state girl's meet will take place. When you think of a high school lifter, you think big, you think muscular, you think "high schooler". Michaela Purple will represent Bozeman at state Michaela's none of those...But she is, very, very motivated.

It's 7:30 in the morning. Most kids are either rolling out of bed, or wishing they could get back in it. Michaela Purple's at work in the gym.

"I have to get up at 6 to be here at 7:30. I wanna be buff, just big, I just like the form."

Pretty rare when you realize what grade she's in.


How young she is.

"I'm thirteen."

And how new she is to the sport.

"I'm in my first year."

Sure, facing girls five years older than her was scary at first, but the challenge fueled her fire.

"She had the first meet and was a little nervous," says her coach, Roni Ann McKee.

"I was kind of scared, because all the girls were bigger, they benched more," says Michaela. "And I was like so tiny and everything."

"And after those meets came, she came back and she was like that girl lifts five more, ten more pounds than me. I'm gonna get her next time," says McKee.

Her mother, Noreen, is consistently floored and impressed by her daughter. "I am actually in awe of her. She is a go-getter."

Michaela has a constant desire to improve. "I just practice a lot. I have a lot of motivation, I'm like I can do this, I'm like yaaay!"

"And she comes to me all the time, I'm at this max, and this is where I'm going next mama," says Noreen. "And I'm like go get 'em girl."

Purple continued to raise the bar and her limit. In her first season, she's headed to the state finals in the 101 pound weight class where she'll face her toughest challenge and her biggest stage.

"You can never prep for that," says McKee. "You have to go there and see it."

"I'm really little and all the girls bench like 30 pounds over me," says Michaela. "So I don't expect to get first second or third, but I do expect to get it next year."

No matter where she places at state, Michaela's mother knows her hard work and determination will pay off in her bright future.

"I am just very proud of her because I feel like it's building her self esteem, too," says Noreen. "And when you see your children building themselves up, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, it's just a huge asset, just a joy."

NewsChannel 7 Sports will have up to date results on all weightlifters compeeting Saturday and post where the girls finish.