Skeete Continues to Prepare Lady Commodores

Panama City, FL---With just about two weeks before the start of their season, the Lady Commodores continue to prepare for their first season under head coach Vernette Skeete.

Skeete a disciple of the previous coach, the rather successful Roonie Scovel. Watching for even a short period, well you get the impression coach Skeete has adopted Roonie's philosophy of a very up-tempo practice, with very little wasted movement on the floor!

"When we practice, we do everything live," says coach Skeete "if it's not geared to how we want to play and the style we want to play, we don't do it. So we don't do any stationary stuff. From the beginning, even if it's ball handling skills, we're moving up and down the court, moving to different stations. We're always trying to increase that tempo so that we teach them how we want them to play at all times. We're always pushing tempo, even on defensive drills, we rebound and on the first two steps we're getting down the floor."

The Lady Commodores now just over two weeks away from their opener, which comes in a home tournament the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd.