South Walton Gets Hoops Win at Arnold Thursday

Panama City Beach, FL---The Seahawks boy's basketball team came east Thursday afternoon and walked away with a win on Arnold's home floor in an in-school game, 59-47 the final.

That victory taking South Walton's record to 8-3 on the season. Arnold falling to 2-8. The end of this game marred by a bit of a fight with players from both benches coming to the floor after two opposing players got into a bit of a scuffle. Those two players were both ejected and they are likely now both facing two games suspensions.

That attached video shows the following:

Arnold in the home white and this is number 12 is Rob Davison, he works his way baseline and hits the short jumper.

Seahawks come back with a three point play off the in bounds pass, Paxton Dixon with the long range shot.

A bit later the Marlins get the turnover courtesy BJ Murray who dribbles down and then feeds Cam Britton cutting to the basket.

A bit later though Arnold off with the jumper, and that turns into a transition bucket by number 20 Darien Moore.

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