South Walton Wins Via Mercy Rule over North Bay Haven

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Lynn Haven, FL---South Walton playing North Bay Haven at Cain Griffin Park Thursday afternoon.

In the highlights attached above, Zac Perdue on the hill for NBH, dealing with a runner on second in the first, gets hit hard by Noah Neville, but Christian Breck chases the ball down in left and closes the top half.

Tuck Stafford throwing for the Seahawks today, comes up with the punchout in his half of the first, so we're scoreless after one.

In the top of the second South Walton is going to open up the scoring. Bases loaded for Elliot Lara, grounds one between third and short, the throw home, off target. Sage Roberts comes in.

That was just the beginning. South Walton takes it 11-0 in five, with the game ending via the mercy rule.