South Walton and Vernon kickoff preseason against each other

SOUTH WALTON,Fla- A different flock of Seahawks, the South Walton variety, hosting Vernon.

Visiting Yellow Jackets in the white jerseys and putting up one big play after another in the first half, first quarter, q-b Hunter Dobbs keeps it, gets to the far side and he's off to the races, that's an 84 yard touchdown run, two point try fails, it's 6-0 Vernon.

Seahawks trying to answer, nice play on the direct snap to Wes Martin, up the gut for 22 yards, but that drive later stalls, they turn it over on downs.

Back come the Jackets, this time, Dobbs gives to #22 Jovani Bell and he goes off tackle, and busts loose, this would be a 57 yard touchdown run making it 12-zip.

Then in the second quarter, Dobbs would connect twice with receiver Austin Brown on two long bombs, this the second of those, both resulting in touchdowns, the Yellow Jackets take a 24-0 lead into the half, win it 32-6.

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