South Walton coach David Barron remains suspended without pay, his final status likely to be decided in February.

South Walton County, FL--To prep football and an update on the status of South Walton Head Football Coach David Barron. You may recall back in early November, coach Barron was arrested and charged with a third degree child abuse charge, stemming from his allegedly striking one of his players during practice.
Coach Barron was also accused of teaching a throat thrust technique designed to injure opposing players, all that according to a Walton County Sheriff's Office report.
Last month the Walton County School Board voted to suspend Barron without pay. Now a full five weeks after the inititial charges, Walton County Superintendent Carlene Anderson says the coaches status remains the same, pending the outcome of the legal charges against him.
Anderson says the coach's contract expires February 28th, and Barron will remain suspended without pay until then, or until adjudication of the charges, which is unlikely before that date.
When asked if there's any chance Barron could be renewed as head coach and-or athletic director, Miss Anderson says it's possible, if the coach was cleared of the charges during this contract period. Short of that, a more definitive determination of Barron's status is likely to be decided at the second school board meeting in February.

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