Spring Practice Under Way at Arnold

Panama City Beach, FL---Wednesday marks not only the start of a new month, but the start of spring football for high school teams across the state.

It's an understatement to say, in terms of head coaches, there are a lot of new faces in new places. In fact across the state, there were 243 head coaching changes this off season!

Two of those changes involved Josh Wright who moved from Franklin, over to Arnold.

Coach Wright succeeding James Hale with the Marlins a few months ago, so he had plenty of time to get to know his kids, and vice versa.

"Oh we absolutely hit the objectives, that set the tone." says coach Wright. "How we're gonna start practice every day. Have a system of pre-practice and then get into our routine. The main idea is to evaluate players, evaluate coaches. They're just falling in, eyes and ears. And they're seeing that our intensity level is up there and I see the deer in the headlights a little bit, but they're adapting. I think they're blending, they're understanding what we want. It's a great first day."

Wright says he's dealing with 42 players on the varsity level, not ideal for a 5A program, but coach says the players on hand seem committed and focused.