Springer Talking to Phoenix Racing Team

Lynn Haven, FL--Could Kurt Busch's attitude, which has caused him to get fined and suspended this season, turn out to be the reason James Finch finally finds a sponsor?

Perhaps so! Phoenix team owner James Finch confirms he's now in talks with the Jerry Springer Show as a potential sponsor for Kurt Busch and the 51 Chevrolet.

Busch has had repeated outbursts that's landed him at odds with NASCAR and other drivers and teams.

However all that he might just be the perfect fit in terms of advertising the Springer Show, which showcases some of the more outrageous and aberrant behavior in our society.

Word is Springer's people are studying NASCAR demographics, and apparently gone so far as to create a paint scheme for the car to promote the show.

Busch by the way coming off his one race suspension, he and the Phoenix team currently getting set for the race at Michigan this weekend.