St. Joe Alum Brinkmeier Set for International Softball Competition

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Port St. Joe, FL----When it comes to international competition, the U.S. Softball team is one of the more dominant teams in the world.

So it follows that it's a very good roster and a difficult team to make.

As it happens, one of this area's own is now moving closer to doing just that.

Port St. Joe grad Heather Brinkmeier, now a senior Florida Southern, has just been asked to play on Team USA's Triple-A team, you might say, starting with a Tournament in July in Australia.

"I mean the moment I received the letter, I had to read it twice. I was like, excuse me, they want me to do what?"

That letter was one Heather received from Team USA saying she was one of the 14 best softball players in the country that just recently finished college,

"Just because I am from a small town and softball isn't a big thing for my school, my high school, the fact that I get to go is an honor."

Heather is from Port Saint Joe and when she was in school, softball was a big deal,

"I played for Jim Belin, we had one of the best high school teams to come through and I was the starting Right Fielder which is different now because I am a starting infielder."

So from a small town girl in the Panhandle to one of the best softball players in the country, why is Heather so determined to succeed,

"I have two younger sisters that look up to me and I try my hardest to push and motivate them. Also the younger girls that I help coach in the summer so for me to go is just a huge self accomplishment from all the hard work I've done and it helps prove to other girls that if you work hard stuff like this can happen."

And due to Heather being redshirted, she has one more year of eligibility at Florida Southern where she currently is enrolled until she can pursue her true passion, which is coaching.

Heather will join her team in Los Angeles July 21st and fly to Australia the next day for the "Down Under Cup". If she plays well there and stays with the team, she'll compete at other tournaments in Sweden, Italy and Prague.

As a way to defray all those travel expenses, her family is hosting a fundraiser Saturday at Rustic Sands Campground in Mexico Beach starting at 4 pm.

There will be a fundraiser for Heather on June 22nd in Mexico Beach.