St. Joe's Gannon Elected to FACA Hall of Fame

Port St. Joe, FL---Call it a rather big honor for a local coach, one who calls Port St. Joe, both the town and the High School, home!

Chuck Gannon's been elected to the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Gannon was told of his election in early June, his induction is set for January!

We spoke with coach Gannon about this honor, and as is his nature, he deflected any praise from himself.

"It's not about me." coach Gannon told us. "You get to that stage, it is a great honor, don't get me wrong, it is a great honor. But you get there because of the people that are around you. You get there with your players, you get there with your other coaches, your assistant coaches. And the guys that I've been around early when I was an assistant coach learning from them. So it takes a lot of people to help you get into this situation."

Gannon, who's still an assistant with St. Joe football, began coaching in Illinois nearly four decades ago.

He moved to Florida in the 80's, coaching at schools like Dunnellon, Citrus, Trenton, and Leesburg. He came to St. Joe in '94, where he's coached football, baseball, track and even a year with basketball.

All the while, keeping his focus on what was most important, the kids he coached! Gannon related this story about how simple a formula he worked under.

"I heard a college coach say there the other day, at the FACA camp, or clinic, and it was the linebacker coach for Florida State. He made the comment 'coaches we're all in this together' he said. 'If we can just help one kid throughout our lifetime than we've done our job as coaches."

It's safe to say coach Chuck Gannon's done his job a couple hundred times over with all the kids he's helped along. Congratulations coach.