Stoops Talks About His FSU Defense

Tallahassee, FL--Over in Tallahassee, the Seminoles continue to work towards their season opener!

Most everyone, and certainly all Seminole fans, expects the FSU defense to be a real strength this year, and there's reason to believe that.

They have a wealth of talent on the line, at linebacker, and in the secondary, there should be no weak spot.

It's a unit that played at a very high level in all but two games last year, though coach Stoops says while the experience is good, nobody should be living off last year's accomplishments.

"We constantly talk about that," says Mark Stoops, FSU's Defensive Coordinator "in that what we did a year ago, really doesn't matter. Again it really doesn't matter. I appreciate our players and the experience and the wars that they've been through a year ago. But that was last year and this is this year. So it's a brand new team and we've got to go out and prove it each and every day."

They get the chance to start proving it for real September first against Murray State.