Surveillance Video Of Winston Theft Released

Tallahassee, FL---The Leon County Sheriff's Office Thursday releasing the surveillance video from that Publix Supermarket in Tally from which Heisman winner Jameis Winston ripped off those crab legs.

Winston told deputies who tracked him down afterwards he simply forgot to pay, you can make your own call on that as you watch him wander around the store after picking up the package of crab legs from the seafood department.

The qb's attorney Tim Jansen says the video does not show him actively avoiding the off-duty deputy working that night. Jansen did say however quote "He forgot to pay, I don't know what he was thinking, what he was doing, he realized it when he got home and at that point he should have went back." unquote.

Winston suspended from the baseball team for just a couple of days while doing 20 hours of community service. Jimbo Fisher says Jameis will face no sanctions from the football team for the theft.