Taylor Excels with "Jump Shot"

Panama City, FL---The Gulf Coast women's basketball team is getting ready to start play in the Juco State Tournament in Marianna this week. A big reason the Lady Commodores are going there, and as conference champs, the play of Tamara Taylor, whom you might say is excelling with what some might call and "old school" shot.

In high school, Taylor was a great outside shooter, but by her own admission, not a polished player.

"Coming to Gulf Coast I've learned so much from Coach Skeete and Coach TJ, like working on my game, working in the gym, 1 on 1, pull up, getting to the basket, I think that developed more".

All of which making her more of a complete player. Something her head coach, Vernette Skeete would agree with,

"She was a shooter now she has transgressed her game to being a scorer. The one thing she does better than a lot of people I have seen in the state, even in the country is the mid range game"

Also known as the jump shot, the mid-range seems to be a fading skill in today's game.

Something Coach Skeete does not understand, especially the way Tamara displays it,

"Her mid-range pull up is so effective and so quick and explosive. She can rip through a one dribble pull up and it's so beautiful. It's a lost art in this game actually."

Taylor's averaging 22 points per game, 7th best in the nation.

She and the Lady Commodores open up play in the state quarterfinals Wednesday afternoon at 3 against Santa Fe.