The very busy life of Ryan Lochte

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Ryan Lochte is a 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist but it seems he is not done accomplishing things in the pool!

"I wouldn't mind getting more gold. I mean, I think that's the object. When any Olympian when they go out to compete, they are going for the gold. They're not going for a silver or a bronze, they are going for the gold. And so I think that is what I am going to try and go for."

Eventually he will go back to training for the games in Rio de Janero but between now and then, Lochte will try and promote his sport, himself and his team as much as possible

"Since I have been back from the Olympics me and my team we have been getting a lot of offers. Doing reality TV shows, doing cameos in like actually TV shows or just pretty much everything."

For instance a recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He seems to be a natural for the spotlight, he brandishes a tailor made grill, he's already trademarked the word "JEAH" and he creates a buzz wherever he goes.

Lochte is already 28 years old and the next Olympics is still four years away. Many wonder if age will be a factor for the 2016 Games but Ryan seems to have a solution:

"You know just keep doing what i am doing and having fun and I think that is what is really gonna keep me going for the next four years."

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