The 2nd Sportfish Classic has a new venue!

Panama City Beach, FL--On to fishing and another big tournament coming up in two weeks. Once again thanks to financial backing from the Bay County TDC, the folks who run the Bay Point Invitational will be hosting the second annual PCB Sportfish Classic. This time around though the weigh-ins for the Sportfish will be held at Lighthouse Marina in the North Lagoon area of Thomas Drive.

Scott Burt
Sportfish Classic Director

"You know the interesting thing about the Sportfish Classic is it's almost a multi-venue event. The weigh in is at Lighthouse this year, which is a terrific venue for it, and gives us opportunity to grow. You know it involves all the marinas on the lagoon. It involves Treasure Island Marina and their king mackeral tournament, Pirate's Cove Marina. And it's just, our goal long term, with this event is to grow it along the lines of where Bill was going with the Grand Lagoon National. Add entertainment, add other categories, like perhaps kayaks and dive boats, who knows."
44 boats took part last year, and again they'll fish for swordfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphin and blue marlin. It's just 15 hundred to enter with a guaranteed purse of 100 grand, 40 thousand to the biggest blue. For more information on the Sportfish Classic click on

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