The Aggies tell the Big 12 they are packing their bags!

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HOUSTON (AP) -- Texas A&M has told the Big 12 Conference it plans to leave the league by July 2012 if it is accepted by another conference.
The expected move may set off another round of conference realignment in college sports. The Aggies have made it clear they want to join the 12-member Southeastern Conference.
University President R. Bowen Loftin notified the Big 12 in a letter, saying that departing the Big 12 "is in the best interest of Texas A&M." He says he hopes the move can be amicable and presumably hopes to negotiate a reasonable exit fee.
Texas A&M had been in the Big 12 since the conference got started in 1996. Loftin says the school wants greater visibility nationwide as well as "the necessary and stable financial resources" needed to support athletics. Now some focus shifts to Tallahassee since the SEC is going to want to balance out an odd number of teams. There's speculation Florida State could be on the SEC's invitation list in the very near future!