The Bay Point Invitational is adding another species for the anglers to chase in the Gulf come July.

Panama City Beach, FL--To the Gulf and a look ahead to a return to big game fishing this Summer. The folks at Bay Point gearing up for the return of the Bay Point Invitational in July, more than 20 boats already signed up for that, and among the changes in store for those crews and others, another big game species to chase!

Scott Burt
Bay Point Tournament Dir.

"We're the first of the big game tournaments to include swordfish as a species for competition, and a weigh in species. Swordfish is very interesting in that it's different from billfish, looks like a billfish, but it's different. It's not endangered, it's great to eat and it's fun to catch. And it opens up a whole new opportunity for the anglers to fish for a different species, it doesn't interfere with their ability to chase the pelagics."

We saw several swords brought in during the first Sportfish Classic last September, which helped usher in the idea of adding it to the Bay Point Invitational, which is set for July 6th through the 10th.

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