The Chipley Tigers off to a 17-0 start to the season with a mix of talent and team chemistry.

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CHIPLEY, FLA- Prep Basketball teams have started the heart of their district basketball seasons, and one of our area team heads into the this part of the schedule with alot of momentum.

The Chipley Tigers are off to a hot start, and their coach and players say they're winning because of their talent and team chemistry.

This season the Chipley Tigers are making it look easy on the court...

"It's been really exciting to see them play, and create on the court and not have to put too many rules and expectations on them, and just let them play," Head coach Joel Orlando said.

The Team is made up of 9 seniors, and 4 juniors, with Alex Hamilton, and Cameron Dozier joining the team this season.

"Unselfish, good teammates, good people," added Orlando. "Fortunately that with the other kids we have makes this team. They're good kids, they're good people, they're easy to coach, and they're fun to be around."

They're fun too watch too, and that's mainly because Coach Orlando lets his team run and shoot...

Junior Guard Alex Hamilton said, "It really exciting, we have Cameron, A.J. many players that can run, so we don't have to run offense, coach just let's us run the floor and we put up points."

Talent is the catalyst for the team's success, but really the guys play so well together because they enjoy playing with each other.

"They like each other they hang out with each other." Coach Orlando added. "The Chipley community is really close-knit so it's more like a family."

This season is like night and day from a year ago. Last year the Tigers were known for an on court fight with Vernon, but they've put that incident behind them and they aren't letting their past dictate their future.

"Every experience is a learning experience, I think kids realized that the situation that we were in they know now how to deal with it," said Orlando.

Chipley has a long history of good basketball teams, and you can add this one to the list. These young men have some lofty goals.

"We just thought about trying to take it past the next level, trying to take it past the post-season, the districts and everything," added Hamilton.

But coach won't go there just yet. "Again we go back to the same old cliche, let's just take it one game at a time, and hopefully the chips will fall in our place."

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