The Fort Walton Beach Vikings basketball team prepares for a trip to Lakeland and the 5A State Semifinals against Dwyer.

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Fort Walton Beach, FL-- We start with prep basketball and one of two area teams getting set to play at the state finals in Lakeland this week. Yesterday we focused on 2A St. Joe today we zero in on the Vikings of Fort Walton Beach. Coach Lavin's squad now 29-1, spending one more day Tuesday practicing at home before bussing it south tomorrow. Their 5-A state semifinal comes up Friday morning, 11:30 eastern against a 30-1 Dwyer team.

John Lavin
FWB Head Coach

"We practiced last night at Northwest Florida State with the new arena they have so they got the feel of a Civic Center type of feel. Practice went well, they competed hard. Today we'll come back, have a hard practice for about another two hours and then curtail it a little bit towards Wednesday and Thursday. They're excited about it. You know Saturday was a big moment in their lives. I think they're just coming back down off of that, but they found a way to get back up for practice, like I said it was spirited, it was competitive. We got a lot done last night. And the general attitude is one of we're not done, we're not satisfied. That's our biggest thing as coaches, making sure they know the season's not done yet, we've got some more work to do."

This Vikings squad is experienced, ten seniors on it. This just the third trip to the state finals for Fort Walton, the other two coming in '96 and '97 under coach Pons, neither of those trips ending with a title.

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