The Freeport Bulldogs host their first ever Region Title game

Freeport, FL--The Freeport Bulldogs host their first ever Region Title game but run into a left-handed buzz-saw by the name of Carson Sands Friday night.

Before this season the Bulldogs had never made it past the second round of the State playoffs. This year, The Dogs beating Vernon in the region quarterfinals, then Bozeman in the region semi's. That put first year coach Shaun Arntz and his Bulldogs at 15-10, into the 2A Region
Finals against 24-4 North Florida Christian.

Freeport in the light blue jerseys, hosting this one, a packed house on hand there. Top of the first Eagles get on the board, Michael Graziani pitching with one on, and its a pass ball by catcher Dakota Davis, runner on third scores it's 1-0 NFC.

Graziani bears down though, gets out of the inning with the swinging strikeout.

The Freeport hitters meanwhile, run into a buzz-saw by the name of Carson Sands, this lefty just a freshman, gives up a ground ball out to the first hitter, then strikes out the next 14 hitters, including these two Woodard, then Davis in the bottom of the first.

Second inning, Graziani back to work, he gets J.D. Huggins to pop up, but the ball is going to drop between the outfielder and shortstop, another NFC run comes in to make it 2-0.

The leads to another run when Bobby Rice hits a shot to center, past the diving outfielder and it's 3-0 NFC after 2.

Eagles add a 4th run and again Sands facing just 15, k's 14, because of the weather, they call it after 5, so 4-0 the final, perfect game for Sands. Still congrats to coach Arntz and the Bulldogs on a great postseason run.