The Seminoles play their first scrimmage of Spring with Bay alum Bert Reed racking up a pair of touchdown catches.

Last week's opponent is nothing compared to what the Seminoles face Saturday.

Tallahassee, FL-- To football and the Seminoles are through their first scrimmage of the Spring. That taking place Monday at Doak. No video coming out of that scrimmage Jimbo closed it to all cameras, and they aren't releasing all the stats until Tuesday. Coach Fisher did talk about the scrimmage afterwards.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"Really nice job, especially not having done it before. You know I thought both sides competed very well, I was not displeased. But I'm also not saying I'm ecstatic. There were some good things out there."

Manuel apparantly the star, he did toss 3 td passes, two to Bay alum Bert Reed. The 'noles will hold another scrimmage Saturday.