The organizers of the Bay Point Invitational are gearing up for their 27th annual tournament, and speculating on what kind of fish will be weighed in!

Panama City Beach, FL--It's just about time for the 27th Bay Point Invitational. It's the third in a series of big money events along the Gulf in the last 5 weeks. In early June we saw 6 blue marlin weighed in at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, including this 702 pounder. Then a couple of weeks ago, plenty of tuna
wahoo and dolphin weighed in, but no blues at the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at Sandestin. That begs the question, whatind of fishing are we going to see this weekend in the Gulf?

Scott Burt
Bay Point Tournament Dir.

"And we've been through that, we've had years when we haven't caught a blue marlin and no billfish. And that's just the way it works. The tournament in front of you can be red hot, the tournament behind you can be red hot and all of a sudden things are just turned off. The pressure's wrong, the moon's wrong, who knows, that's what makes it fishing. But we know the fish are there, we know "Team Galati" released a lot of billfish, ran themselves way up the standings in the Triple Crown. We know the fish are there, it's just bringing that trophy fish in, and we believe we will."

Bay Point is the culmination of the first Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship, which rewards teams for fishing in, and weighing fish, in all 3 events. Scott referring to "Team Galati", which you see here in the video. It's tied for second in the standings behind "Patron" the team that brought that 700 pounder in in Biloxi the leader, though Destin based Team Galati is tied for 2nd, both those crews fishing at Bay Point this week.

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