Tigers Hit the Road for Orlando

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Blountstown, FL---The Blountstown football team is on the road, and it's a trip the Tigers hope will end with a 1A State Championship.

And what an interesting way to leave. The team loading up the bus at the school before 9 Thursday morning, the players naturally rather psyched to be getting this road trip under way.

The bus though didn't just head out of the school to I-10, instead coach Greg Jordan deciding to take a celebratory lap around the area, buzzing by some other schools where the teachers and students were able to give a proper sendoff!

After all that the team heading into Lake City for lunch.

And then after that it was into Gainesville where the coach had arranged a light workout at the University of Florida. So a busy day indeed. Before they all got going we spoke with some of them about the chance to rack up this title, starting with head coach Greg Jordan.

"Well you know having the opportunity to play for a State Championship, we won three in the 70's, played for it in '04. If we could win this one we would be alongside our '77 team that went undefeated and won a State Championship. One of only two in the history of our school."

The team's quarterback and linebacker, senior Greg Jordan says he still has a little trouble believing it all.

"It feels kind of surreal. It didn't hit me, right when the game ended Friday that we were coming to State. Me and my seniors we've been talking about this since we were little, This is the year to do it, this is the last year we can do it, and we're there."

The team expected to make it to downtown Orlando. Greg Brzozowski will give us a more in depth account of the entire day for the Tigers, watch for that.