Tigers Set to Travel to Bozeman Friday

Chipley, FL--There is a big district game set for Friday night, one that takes place in the Sand Hills, Bozeman High School to be specific.

The Bucks host Chipley in the game that is our Southern Orthopedic Specialists game of the week. Here at 6 let's focus in on the Tigers
who are 3-3 overall, and 1-0 in 1-A 3 play. They have won their last two ballgames and then had the luxury of an off week.

So extra time to prepare for this game that if they win, would all but clinch a playoff spot for the Tigers. Here's Chipley head coach Chip Harris.

"Well I think we got some guys healthy. It gave us the opportunity to clean a few things up, you know offensively, defensively and the kicking game. And really you know to just get our legs back up under us and get rejuvenated and this is a big game with Bozeman, and get a little head start on Bozeman."

As for what they spent their extra practice time on, well much of it had to do with Jacob Martinez!

"Simulating their quarterback." says coach Harris. "He's extremely elusive. He buys a lot of time with his legs. Trying to figure out if he's going to run or throw it is a problem. And then trying to simulate that in practice is even a bigger problem. So we've worked real hard on trying to recognize that."

We'll visit the Bozeman practice field and chat with coach Tillman about this match up, catch that on Newschannel 7 at 10.

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