Tigers and Bulldogs Prepare for Showdown

Bristol, FL---To say the least it's a big inter-county rivalry that also happens to be a huge 1-A district 4 game Friday night in Bristol.

The Blountstown Tigers travel east across the river to take on Liberty.

Those Tigers coming off the hard fought loss to class 4-A Marianna, but nonetheless are 4-2 overall, more importantly 1-0 in district play.

The Bulldogs are 5-2 overall, with two league wins, and they are coming off a win over Bozeman, their 4th win a row, so they certainly have momentum. We asked Liberty head coach Grant Grantham what that means going into this game?

"I Hadn't really thought about it, probably absolutely nothing playing a good Blountstown team. They're gonna bring their best game and we're gonna bring our best game and we'll see how it goes. We've had some injuries and had some other kids step up and do a nice job. We just kind of take it week to week and go, and do the best we can do. And I think the kids have done a real good job. I think our team has been a little more mature than what we've been in the past."

That game in Bristol Friday set to start at 8 eastern, it will be one of several games we'll feature for you on Friday Night Overtime.

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