To say the least, it's a lasting memory for a local family, as one of it's own, Steve Spurrier, is memorialized in bronze Saturday!

Panama City, FL--To say the least, it's a lasting memory for a local family, as one of it's own is memorialized in bronze Saturday! If you watched Florida's Spring game Saturday, you probably saw the University unveil three bronze statues of it's Heisman heroes, Tebow, Wuerffel and Spurrier. The latter was coaching his own Spring Game at South Carolina, so coach Spurrier was represented at the halftime ceremony by the family of his daughter, Amy Moody.
She's the principal at Holy Nativity School in Panama City. Today I spoke with her about that experience.

Amy Moody
Represented "Dad" Saturday

"Well my parents were both disappointed to not be able to be there on Saturday. My family, we all have degrees from Florida, we're all Gators. And to be a part of this symbolic day, I don't know that it sinks in when you're standing there, but when I sat there with my children I thought they're gonna be able to bring their children here and their grandchildren and see these statues and think what a great part of Gator history."

I also asked Amy what it was like to stand at midfield in the Swamp next to the likes of Wuerffel and Tebow!

(Amy Moody)
"Danny of course is a dear friend of our family. I'm a few years older than he is so I wasn't in school when he was playing, but he's always been a part of our family, and my dad has a great deal of fondness and respect for him. And Tim Tebow is a rock star. So yes being on the field with him, yes, someone asked me well you didn't get booed on Saturday when they mentioned your dad and I said no but I didn't get the Tim Tebow welcome."

Those statues paid for by private donations from three seperate donors. They are on the west side of the stadium.