Top Skiers Set to Converge on South Walton County

Santa Rosa Beach, FL--Water ski fans have reason to look forward to a big event in our area next week.

In fact a championship event is set for next week in South Walton County and specifically at Shortline Lakes and the Pickos World Ski Resort.

"We're holding the 2012 Pan American Championships." says Cory Pickos who runs the Pickos World Ski School at Shortline. "And that's a lot of countries from North American, Central America and South America. They'll all contend, some in different events, men and women, whether the traditional events, slalom, trick jump. The U.S. and Canada are still two of the stronger countries in water skiing."

The Pan Am Championships begin a week from today at Shortline Lakes and run through next Saturday. We'll talk more about this big event in our neighborhood as it approaches.

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