Tornadoes "Buying In" to Form Winning Culture

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Panama City, FL --- You could make the argument that there's no bigger game this entire high school basketball season than Friday night's battle between the Bay Tornadoes and the Rutherford Rams.

The two squads are a combined 25-5 on the season and more importantly, 10-0 in district play.

Rutherford's storied program, they're used to being in this position.

But Bay's success has been a bit more surprising. Head coach Michael Grady says after winning the Franklin County tournament and finishing second at their Barnstorm Classic, the Tornadoes are realizing their full potential.

"The first thing with kids-young men, is to get them to buy in," says coach Grady. "You can't be a winner if you haven't won anything yet. They're starting to win and it helps the psyche. Psychologically, they believe that they're winners. As a coach, you always try to stay positive and try to talk to them about winning, winning in basketball and winning in life. But once they start winning on the court, they start to believe it. And my guys are starting to believe."

We'll have more from the Tornadoes and Rams leading up to Friday's 7:00 PM tip on NewsChannel 7 Sports.