Tornadoes, Dolphins Set for Title Match

Panama City Beach, FL---Friday's a big night indeed for some area boy's soccer teams. Bay and Mosley among them. Those two go head to head at the Gavlak Complex on the Arnold campus, with 3A district one tournament title on the line.

Both teams advancing to the title game with semifinal wins Tuesday night. Bay beating the host Marlins 3-0.

Mosley then shut out Rutherford 2-0. So the Tornadoes and Dolphins, already with state playoff berths in hand, will fight tonight for the district title and the right to start those playoffs at home.

"I think that we're the stronger team," says Mosley head coach Ryan Rogers "but anything can happen. Just in soccer you never know what the other team is gonna do, how they're gonna show up. Sometimes it just doesn't fall, it doesn't happen for you as far as in front of the goal. So we're just trying to do everything we can to set ourselves up for success."

Even though the match is across the bridge in P-C Beach at Gavlak, Rogers hoping the Mosley faithful will turn out in big numbers, because he believes it can make a difference.

"That would be really exciting to have the fans come out." says coach Rogers. "As many fans as we could get out would be awesome. That would definitely give us the upper hand. Soccer, just like every other sport, if you have the home court advantage, the home field advantage, it makes a huge difference. So we're hoping to get that."

That match starts at 7 o'clock, highlights of it Friday night at 10. Also Friday night, Freeport hosts Catholic for the 2A-1 title, Niceville takes on Navarre for the 4A-1 title, and Choctaw is at Gulf Breeze in the 3A-1 championship.