Tornadoes To Start 2014 With Road Trip to Houston

Panama City, FL---What a way to get the 2014 football season started. Even though it's still more than two months away, the Bay Tornadoes are looking to start the season with a rather significant road trip.

That road trip is not just outside Bay County, it's outside the state of Florida.

"We're gonna play Dickinson High School out in Houston." says Bay head coach Jimmy Longerbeam. "We'll leave Wednesday night, travel through the night. Then we'll go out there and stay and we'll play on Friday. So I just think it's a good opportunity to get our kids out of town, give them an opportunity see other parts of the country and other football. They had advertised on a website and I talked to the coach out there and we kind of got it worked out where financially it was doable for us and them. I just think it's a great experience for our kids to go out there."

This financially "doable" says coach Longerbeam because Dickinson is basically going to cover all the costs of Bay traveling.

As for the reaction from his players when he told them they'd be starting the 2014 season in Houston, Texas?

"I think at first they thought I was kidding. And then when I told them we were going, I think they're all excited about it. It will be something different, something we haven't done. And I think it will help your program as far as playing different people. And you know Texas is notorious for good football, just like Florida. So I think that will be a good opportunity as well."

Tornadoes coming off a 6-5 record and hoping a big road trip against a good opponent will help propel them to a big season.