Tornadoes and Dolphins Fight for County Title

Panama City, FL --- Another intra-county rivalry game takes place at Tommy Oliver tonight. Mosley hosts Bay. Both eliminated from playoff contention, but they're both 2-0 within county play, so the winner tonight takes the Bay County championship.

That's a big deal to these teams, who are also also looking to finish with winning records, Mosley 4-4 going in, Bay's 5-4. For bay in particular ending with a winning mark is a good indication, especially given so many underclassmen on the roster.

"I've been to other local high schools and you watch their senior nights I see they're graduating so many kids," said Bay Head Coach Jimmy Longerbeam. "Our senior night we graduated I think, 8 kids. So that's the really good thing about it we've had the largest number of j.v. kids since I've been here. I think we had 57-58 kids on j.v. So you know we're not gonna lose a lot of kids in the program, so we're real excited about the future."