Trent Richardson Confident

New Orleans, LA--For the Tide and Tigers Thursday provided their first chance to hit the field on which they'll settle the BCS Championship Monday night.

The Superdome in New Orleans is the site of Monday's BCS game. Both teams making their way to the Big Easy Wednesday, the Tide flying in, the Tigers busing it over.

Thursday also the first chance for the assembled media to talk with the players, and among the topics tossed at the bama guys, do they even deserve to be in this game, given they've already lost to LSU? Here's Trent Richardson's response to that. "I mean everybody got their own opinion. The BCS and the computer put the right team in there and so the people that don't think we should be in here, we're gonna show them why we're in this ballgame here. (question) why is that? Because we're gonna make sure we finish this ballgame."

As for the Tigers, seem they enjoy playing the underdog role a little as well, or at the very least, want to be seen as underdogs. Here's Tyrann Mathieu. "You know I think this team had a chip on it's shoulder all year because it started from the first game of the season, to the Alabama game, to the Arkansas game. A lot of people doubted us and didn't believe in us, so to go out there and prove them wrong and prove us right, that's gonna be our goal."

That game Monday night set for a 7:30 kickoff, Tide favored by a point.

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