Tryouts for local semipro basketball team set for this weekend.

Panama City Beach, FL-- To basketball now and the start of a semi pro team. That team will hold tryouts this weekend at the Boys and Girls Club in Panama City. The man starting the team, Birmingham native A.J. Stallworth, who played college ball and pro ball in Europe, and even spent some 200 games with the Harlem Globetrotters. As for the tryouts, he's inviting those who've just finished college ball, and guys a little older than that.

A.J. Stallworth
P.C. Dream owner

"People coming out college and didn't get that chance to make it to the NBA, we give them that extra chance to put themselves out there and promote themselves. To go on to bigger and better things. If they still have the game and still the ability to come out there and perform with the other players, and actually sometimes, after I got a little older, I got better. I think it was a smarter thing, I got smarter."

AJ says he's looking to fill a 12 man roster. They are also hosting tryouts for a Dance Team to perform at the team games this winter, also at the Boys and Girls Club. Tryouts begin a 8:30 each morning. For more information on tryouts and how to go about signing up for them, click on the team's website

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