Two Zero and Three Teams Named Game of the Week

Now to a game set for Friday night and it may sound a bit strange to be featuring a game between a pair of oh and three teams, but that's exactly what we're doing. Holmes and Bozeman in fact our "Personal Attention Dental Care" game of the week.

It hasn't been the smoothest start to the season for Bozeman and Holmes.

"We scheduled tough purposely to kinda see what we needed to address before we got into the districts," said Loren Tillman, Bozeman's Head Coach.

"We've had so many injuries that we're starting new guys every week. We're not defending well in all aspects. We're not completing blocks. We're not tackling well," said Brad Johnson, Homes Head Coach.

Friday night you can basically throw out the first three games for the Bucks and Blue Devils.

1A-3 district play begins when these two kick off, and the wins and losses really count.

"The other three games count, I guess, statistically, but as far as getting you in the playoffs, this first game really does matter," said Johnson.

"Last year at this time, we were three and oh, feeling pretty good about going into our first district ball game. We wound up losing it. And I said, 'You know, I'd trade it right now if we we're one and three but if that one win was in the district. And that's kinda the way we're approaching this week," said Tillman.

"You'd like to get that first district win to give yourself a jumpstart hopefully to go into a tough remaining district schedule," said Johnson.

"I feel good about the focus. The boys know that this is a district ballgame. That the first three were basically like a preseason. You win Friday, you're one and oh in the district and that's the record that matters," said Tillman.

Both coaches know as much as they want their first W, the other team want's it just as bad.

"Well they know they've got to play the best game that we've played this year to have a chance to win," said Johnson.

"I think that the kids believe in the plan. I think they believe in the process. I think the coaches are believing in the process. And hopefully, we can put everything together on Friday night," said Tillman.