Urban Meyer talks about how big the win over Georgia was Saturday!

To college football and what's next for the Florida Gators?
It's hard to imagine a more bizarre season for Urban and his boys.
Their games certainly haven't lacked drama, they've lost some ugly ones, and now they've won ugly.....again.
The Gators sputtering on offense, but somehow escaping Jacksonville with the overtime win, Chas Henry hitting the 37 yarder to win it.
Given they snapped a three game skid, well Meyer calls this, in the big picture, one of the biggest wins in recent Florida history!

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"and the way they did it. I loved when they showed Will Hill. It's a great test to see your team, when Will Hill intercepted that ball and went 80-some yards down the sideline, and there's 70 people down in the end zone. I mean, it was just, we needed that as opposed to the, you know ,dull. I mean, my gosh, after a while it's like beating a dead horse. You know, let's get this thing going, and we did. I think Steve
(Addazio) and our offensive staff did a brilliant job with the tempo, and you don't have time to be a dullard now. So we're going."

Going to Nashville that is to play Vandy Saturday just after 11 central time.

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