Urban Meyer talks about some almost feeling guilty in some way about his profession as he steps away!

The Florida Gators, with a 7-5 record, they are looking ahead to a game with 7-5 Penn State in the Outback Bowl in Tampa New Year's Day. That means Urban Meyer's final game
with the Gators will be against the dean of all college coaches, Joe Paterno. In sitting down for his interview in Tampa yesterday Meyer naturally asked about walking away from the game, and gave us some insight as to his feelings concerning the the adulation he's received in recent years....

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach

"I was talking to my sons school and I said we won the National Championship and everyone stood up and cheered and I said you know what boy heroes are really easy these days. You jump high run fast score a few touchdowns and you're a hero. And that bothers me, that's not what this is all about. We're at war, we go to sleep at night safe because people are putting their lives on the line. I just say boy to be a coach is a grind, no, come on. We coach a game, I get to go coach against Joe Paterno, are you kidding me. There's people that are doing stuff every day, I sometimes, and it's not my business because I can't control the day's events, but those are the real ones. And I speak on behalf of a lot of coaches, there's a guilt there, I mean what are we doing."

Kind of ironic Meyer at age 46 is walking away from the game, while Paterno, who's 84, and in his 46th year of coaching, hates any talk of when he might retire!

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