Urban Meyer talks about "something missing" in the aftermath of another serious Gator letdown in the Swamp.

To college ball and the aftermath of yet another hideous performance by Urban Meyer and his team's offense in a home game. Give some credit to South Carolina, who went to Gainesville and whipped the Gators 36-14, giving the Gamecocks their first ever berth in the SEC Championship game. No doubt about it though, the Gators looked unprepared, and downright lost in that game, a third home loss for a team that began the season top five in all the polls.

Urban Meyer
Florida Head Coach
¶"There's a void in our team right now, somewhere, and that's what I'm trying to figure out what it is. Whether it be energy level, whether it be chemistry, there's a little bit of a void and we've experienced that. We've always been a high-energy, up-tempo, chest-bumping, flying-around team, and I see the same thing you guys see. I don't see that. I see it from some. So there's a void somewhere in there that we have to recruit to it, develop it and coach the mess out of it."

Florida, now 6-4, will play it's final home game Saturday against Apalachian State, before coming to Tallahassee on the 27th.

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