Vernon's Lauren Register wraps up a record setting regular season

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Vernon, FL- The Vernon softball team has a record setting pitcher that's leading the way into the district tournament.

Vernon's all time strikeout leader has hit the 700 mark because of hard work and softball longevity. Lauren Register has had an outstanding high school career. Before the final regular season game of her senior year at Vernon she had a school record 682 career K's.

She broke the record her sophomore year, more than 470 strikeouts ago.

"I really never thought I would, I never really thought about having a record," Register said. "I just wanted to leave Vernon High School with the memories of knowing I did the best I could. And knowing that I made a difference on the team and in the community."

Her success on the field comes from years of hard work.

"She's just worked hard," Head Coach Danny Hood said. "You can attribute it to the afternoons with her dad and her pitching coach. And really putting forth the effort."

Individual accolades are nice and all, but for Register it's more about helping her team win.

"She's a leader, on and off the field, in the classroom," Hood added. "The girls look up to her, she's worked real hard"

Register said, "It's amazing to be on this team, I know they got my back, they know I got their back and we all keep each other up."

While only her name will appear in the school's record books, she says she couldn't have made it there without her parents.

"They've sacrificed so, so much. We've done Summers, they've taken me to trainers and to coaches and they've paid lot's of money for me to play. And I thank my daddy, he's pitched with me day in and day out since I was ten years old. I thank them so much for all they've done and all the time they've taken out in their personal lives, they've taken it out to help me get to the next level. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to do it," added Register.

Lauren, who racked up strikeout number 700 on the final out of the last regular season game, will play on scholarship next year at West Florida. She and the Yellow Jackets are back in action in the District tournament against Bozeman Monday.

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