Veteran Invitational Angler Talks About Missing Bay Point

Panama City Beach, FL--This week was supposed to be the 29th Bay Point Invitational, and Friday night of this week should have been the opening night of the weigh ins.

Sadly that event cancelled by the Joe Company for a variety of economic reasons.

Whatever the cause, plenty of folks are missing it, in particular the hundreds of anglers who were going to take part.

Case in point the crew of "Wynsong", which in some way, has fished every previous Bay Point Invitational, and in fact is the only two time winner in the Blue Marlin category.

I spoke with Will Wilson, of Montgomery, who's family owns the "Wynsong".

"It was something on the Emerald Coast that was incredible." Wilson told me. "They had made it more than just a fishing tournament. They had made it a fundraiser, and an event for families to come out to. They had made it something that people from Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi would plan their weekends around to come to to see everything that they put on. The Thursday night, the Friday night the Saturday night were all for the family, and they were all good clean fun activities. And I think that's one of the things that I miss. For the community, for money, for fundraising, for just bringing people to Panama City, I don't know why they wouldn't want that."

Will says he brought five friends in from Los Angeles to fish last yeat at Bay Point, and those guys had never been to our area before, and were hoping to come back again this year.

Wilson says if and when the event comes back, he and his family and friends will be first in line to sign up and as he put it they will be "across the board!" meaning they will be ready to spend big money to support that tournament.