Walton and Arnold battle on the latter's diamond Tuesday night.

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Panama City Beach, FL-- We start on the prep baseball diamond, and a game between 3-A district one rivals Tuesday, Walton and Arnold, the latter hosting this one at Gavlak. Let's pick things up in the bottom of the first, Arnold's James Mckenzie up with men at second and third, he bounces one to third, the ball bobbled there and that allows Nick Frost to come in with the game's first run. A bit later, two outs, bases loaded, and Brendan Leach walks Sean Reichart, forcing Hank Hobby home it's 2-zip Marlins. Stays that way into the top of the third, the Braves rallying against Bronson Hill, first Kyle Clark with the sharp single down the line in left. Then it's Chris Murphy with the grounder through the left side. Then it's Chris Kelly with the bouncer towards the mound, Hill gets a glove on it, so no play for Hart, bases loaded. Liam Miller cashes in with the bloop to shallow center, Clark scores, and then Murphy comes in after the throw goes into third. Game tied at 2.
This one long from over, they each add 5 runs after that, one coming on this passed ball, Juan Ulloa (you-low-a) trots home, they play into the 12th inning, fish push across the game winner, 8-7 the final in 12.