Watercross Tour hits the Gulf at Boardwalk

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Panama City Beach, FL---The HT Pro Watercross Tour that hit the water at Boardwalk Beach Resort Saturday afternoon, giving those on the beach a chance to watch high-powered, high-octane racing along with a fresstyle trick competition.

The sport lends it's comparison to a water-based version of motocross.

"You've got all these great waves and the water conditions changing per second," says Tour announcer Dawn Dawson. "So they're racing the waves as much as they're racing each other. These guys are crazy fast and it's actually faster, it's actually faster I would say than motocross. The runabouts go about as fast as 90 miles per hour for over 500 hundred horsepower. Isn't that stupid? it's just so much fun. You guys gotta be a part of it."

Day two action kicks off at 10 AM Sunday.