Wednesday marked the beginning of the ACC Baseball Tournament in Durham North Carolina, the Seminoles though not off to a winning start.

Durham, NC-- Wednesday marked the start of the ACC Baseball Tournament in Durham North Carolina. The top 8 teams making it in, Florida State among them as the second seed at 40-15. ACC going with pool play, each team with a minimun of 3 games, 'noles opening up against N.C. State. Pack already up one zip here, make it a 2-0 game when Ciancin singles past the diving Gonzalez.
Next hitter Canela singles past Travis at second, one run scores from third, then when McGee boots the ball in the outfield, another run scores all the way from first. It's 4-zip Pack.
In the 7th Matt Bergquist strokes a two run bomb to left. Seminoles meanwhile can generate no offense on the night, FSU falls 7-zip. They'll play Clemson Thursday at two.