Whittle Throws No-Hitter, Bay Defeats Walton 3-0

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Panama City, FL---Thursday night's high school baseball game between Bay and Walton seemed at first to be your standard, run-of-the-mill, regular season contest.

But it was the achievement and the dominance on display that made this game tonight one that the Tornadoes will always remember.

Or at least starter Garrett Whittle.

In the highlights attached above, the action picks up top five, scoreless game, thanks to Whittle, working on a no-hitter. Gets the strikeout looking.

Next batter, same outcome, different means. Strikeout swinging. Whittle's so in the zone, he thinks the innings done. But he still had one more out to get.

No problem, he punches out the side.

But the Tornadoes bats are silent, so back on the hill for the 6th still 0-0, he gets another K. Whittle with 13 strikeouts on the ballgame. No-no still going.

Finally, bottom six, runs. Three of them coming across in the inning for Bay. Two score on this Tristen Raegen liner to center.

An error from Bay let's a Brave on in the 7th, but Whittle comes up with the final out and makes history, completing the no-hitter, winning 3-0, and getting the celebratory shaving cream pie in the face from teammates afterwards.

Afterwards, Whittle was soaking in the moment while realizing what he accomplished.

"I've been playing baseball for my entire life and this moment right now, it's kind of hard to... I don't know man, I have no words. This is the best moment I've ever had in baseball."

As if the shaving cream pie to the face wasn't enough, the celebration continues with a plate of mustard and a bag of sunflower seeds.