Wilder Finishes PCST Career

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Panama City Beach, FL---The Panama City Swim Team finished their final home meet of the summer Sunday at Frank Brown Park.

For many PCST-ers, close to 40 in fact, they'll advance to next weekend's Southeastern Championships in Tennessee. But one of their finest has put on her team swim cap for the last time.

Mosley alum and West Florida incoming freshman Taylor Wilder ended her time with the club with this weekend's "Last Chance" Long Course meet, as it was her last chance to race for the organization that's been such a huge part of her life the last four years.

"It's given me everything," says Wilder. "It's given me friends, it's given me actually a possibility for a job. It's really influenced what I want to do with my life. And it's just helped me to become a better person."

Wilder hopes to study physical therapy at UWF, but as grown an interest in coaching thanks to her time with the Panama City Swim Team.