Will Muschamp Talks About His Gators Playing "Team Football"

Gainesville, FL---Once again Will Muschamp and his Gators are looking ahead to another showdown conference ballgame.

Florida coming off the not so easy win at Vandy, in which the Gators certainly had some ugly moments, but still managed the 10 point win.

And now as Florida looks ahead to a South Carolina team reeling from the loss at LSU, the Gators find themselves number two in the BCS rankings.

And to that coach "Boom" says "It has absolutely nothing to do with anything in our season right now. We have one goal, and that's to play South Carolina on Saturday. Really nothing matters other than playing South Carolina and preparing ourselves throughout the week. It's a long season. I think we're playing really good team football right now. I don't think it's any one component of our football team that's playing superior to the others. I think we complement each other very well, I think our players have bought into the team concept and understand that they're playing for what's on that helmet rather than what's on the back of their pads. That's what's been the difference in this football team.

Carolina comes in following the loss in Death Valley, perhaps their qb with some shaky confidence. Game time in the Swamp 3:30 eastern. Gators currently 3 point favorites.

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